PACE Components

PACE Components specialises in the manufacture of Mains and High Frequency Transformers and Inductors, using Steel Laminations, Ferrite Cores, Iron Powder Cores and Amorphous Materials. 

PACE Components can supply Transformers and Inductors based upon a large variety of different assembly types and suitable for a whole array of different application requirements. 

Common-mode input filters are available, either wound on ferrite toroids or alternatively using E cores and double-section bobbins for direct P.C. board mounting. 

D.C. output chokes are offered on iron powder cores, ferrite bobbins or gapped E cores. 

Standard ranges of small general purpose inductors are available on bobbin cores in sizes down to 6x8mm. 

We offer an in-house transformer design service or we can manufacture to a customers own specification. We welcome enquiries for the manufacture of all types of magnetic components for use in switching power supplies, EMS suppression and other applications. 

If you require technical assistance or friendly advice, we are always very happy to provide this.

NOTE: On 1st September 2017, PACE Components Ltd was purchased by Trans-Tronic Ltd. There will be a three month transition period, during which production will move to the Trans-Tronic facility in Chesterfield - Please contact us if you require any further information.

This does not affect Power Magnetics Ltd, which will continue to operate from its premises in Buckingham. For Power Magnetics, click on the Power Magnetics tab at the top of this page. Or, to purchase products through our online shop, click on the Online Shop tab at the top of this page.

Cosmo Ferrites

Check out our range of Cosmo Ferrites They provide a high quality, low cost alternative to Ferroxcube™, Epcos™, TDK™ etc..  Many cores are held ex-stock and factory lead-times are much lower than the industry average. 

For further information, follow the links below :- 

Cosmo Ferrites Brochure

Material Cross Reference Chart