MS (Sendust)

Iron Silicon, Aluminium alloy powder material. No Thermal ageing.

Available in Permeabilities of 14µ, 26µ, 40µ, 60µ, 75µ, 90µ, 12µ5 and 160µ. Notable attributes of MS is that it is a low loss material compared to Iron Powder; low cost compared to HF (High-Flux) and MP (Mollypermalloy) and has a very low magnetostriction coefficient relative to Iron Powder. This means extremely low levels of mechanical noise, in operation, making it popular in EMI inductors where low frequency AC is being filtered. Core losses are higher than MP but less than HF and substantially lower than Iron Powder. MS is low in permeability and thus is well suited for energy storage inductor applications. Available in toroidal, E-core or block formats.

Note: As temperature increases, MS cores exhibit a decrease in inductance, compared to all other powder materials, which display an increase. This can be used to advantage in temperature compensation when used with another powder material in a composite structure.

  • Significantly lower core losses than Iron Powder for a relatively small price premium.
  • Low cost energy storage
  • High energy storage per unit volume
  • Temperature stable (under 4% variation from -15˚C to 125˚C)
  • Near zero magnetostriction, meaning very quiet when operating with audible frequency range noise or line current.
  • Performs better than Iron Powder where significant ripple may contribute to heat rise.
  • Available in toroidal, E-core (link to powder E cores pdf) and block core (link to block cores pdf) format.

Limited Permeabilities available compared to MPP material
Higher losses than MPP

  • Energy storage filter inductors used in switch-mode power supplies
    In-Line noise filters where large AC voltage is needed without core saturation.
  • Line Filters (These can be smaller in size and require less turns than those using ferrite cores).
  • PFC (power factor correction) circuits (Due to high flux density and low core losses)
  • Unidirectional drive applications such as line output (flyback) transformers and pulse transformers
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